"The One to meet your total needs"
"The One to meet your total needs"
Integrity Recruiters, Inc. "The One to meet your total needs"
Integrity Recruiters, Inc."The One to meet your total needs"

Integrity Recruiters, Inc., Created in 2001, is dedicated to helping hospitals fill all administrative needs in a timely and professinal manner. Our motto is "The One to meet your total needs." We believe you'll be happy with our service and desire to have a long relationship for meeting your staffing needs.


We network with over 50 "like" recruiters to give your jobs more coverage than is possible by one firm - without the hassle of having to work with multiple offices.


We also do NOT recruit from the internet and still use networking and the old fashioned "cold call" as a means to attract the best candidates.


Please ask for referrals and/or a list of clients.


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Integrity Recruiters, Inc.


Mobile: (903) 238-3747

Fax (24 hrs): (775) 582-0308

E-mail: bobbies911@integrityr.net

Website: www.integrityr.net

Mailing address:

Integrity Recruiters, Inc.

5348 Vegas Drive, #1073

Las Vegas, NV 89108-2347

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